Frequently Asked Questions

  • What vehicles can you install into?

    • Front facing dash cam: Passenger vehicles & LCV’s.
    • Front & rear dash cam: Passenger vehicles only.
    • Unfortunately, due to certain vehicle designs it is sometimes not possible to install the rear Dash Cam.

      Currently the following vehicles have been identified as not suitable for a rear Camera installation & are excluded from our Front & Rear Dash Cam installation service.

      Jaguar I PACE – All years
      Jaguar F PACE – All years
      Mercedes AMG GT – All years
      Mercedes SLS – All years
      Range Rover Vouge – 2014 – Present
      Range Rover Sport – 2014 – Present
      Tesla Model X – All years

    • Fixed price installation is for standard production passenger cars or LCVs* only (*rear camera installation is for passenger cars only). Modified, customised, HGV, LGV, PCV vehicles or passenger cars classed as supercars are not covered by this voucher. Please contact our UK Technical department on 0333 1210008 or email if you are unsure if your vehicle is valid.
    • Motorcycles, trikes, ATVS, Plant & all other non-standard or non-road going vehicles are excluded from any fixed price installation service.
  • What happens if my car gets damaged during install?

    • Our professional engineers are fully insured cover any accidental damage to your vehicle.
  • Can you fit the dash cam at my work address?

      • Providing you have the property owner’s consent and its off road then we can fit the camera at most locations.
  • How much notice do I have to give you to amend the installation date?

    • We require 1 Full working days’ notice. Should you cancel on the day then a £49 cancellation fee will sadly have to be charged before any work can take place.
  • I have purchased the plug and play version can you install this?

    • You will need to purchase the Hardwire lead separately. We can only fully install using the correct Thinkware Hardwire cable.
  • Will the engineer teach me to use the camera?

    • Our engineers will only install the camera. However, for full information, please see the user manual and if you still need help please contact our UK Technical department on 0333 1210008 or email
  • How long until you can install my camera?

    • We aim to have the installation completed within 10 days; however, some remote locations may require more planning.  This will be discussed with you once you have entered your preferred dates.
  • Will the wires be on show?

    • Our engineers will hide the wires behind the vehicles trim; however, a small amount will be visible from the trim to the camera.
  • What happens if it is raining?

    • Depending on the conditions we may need to contact you to reschedule.
  • Do I need to be there when my dashcam is fitted?

    • You will need to be present for pre & post vehicle checks at the start & end of the installation.
  • Where in the UK can my Thinkware Dash Cam be installed?

    • We Can install your Thinkware Dash Cam anywhere in Mainland UK.  Remote locations may experience longer booking times, of over 10 days.
    • If the location of the installation is in any of the following postcodes, please call 0333 1210008 before booking :
      • GY10 1*, GY1 3HR, GY9*, GY8*, GY7*, GY6*, GY5*, GY4*, GY3*, GY2*, GY1*, JE*, IM*, TR25*, TR24*, TR23*, TR22*, TR21*, ZE*, PA78*, PA77*, PA76*, PA75*, PA74*, PA73*, PA72*, PA71*, PA70*, PA69*, PA68*, PA67*, PA66*, PA65*, PA64*, PA63*, PA62*, PA61*, PA60*, PA49*, PA48*, PA47*, PA46*, PA45*, PA44*, PA43*, PA42*, PA41*, PA40*, PA20*, KA28*, KA27*, IV56*, IV55*, IV51*, IV50*, IV49*, IV48*, IV47*, IV46*, IV45*, IV44*, IV43*, IV42*, IV41*, HS*, PH44*, PH43*, PH42*, IV408*, PO41*, PO40*, PO39*, PO38*, PO37*, PO36*, PO35*, PO34*, PO33*, PO32*, PO31*, PO30*, BT*, IV63*, IV54*, IV53*, IV52*, IV36*, IV35*, IV34*, IV33*, IV32*, IV31*, IV30*, IV29*, IV28*, IV28*, IV27*, IV26*, IV25*, IV24*, IV23*, IV22*, IV21*, IV20*, IV19*, IV18*, IV18*, IV16*, IV15*, IV14*, IV13*, IV12*, IV11*, IV10*, IV9*, IV8*, IV7*, IV6*, IV5*, IV4*, IV3*, IV2*, IV1*, PH50*, PH49*, PH41*, PH40*, PH39*, PH38*, PH37*, PH36*, PH35*, PH34*, PH33*, PH32*, PH31*, PH30*, PH26*, PH25*, PH24*, PH23*, PH22*, PH21*, PH20*, PH19*, PH18*, PH17*, PH16*, PH15*, PA80*, PA39*, PA38*, PA37*, PA36*, PA35*, PA34*, PA33*, PA32*, PA31*, PA30*, PA29*, PA28*, PA27*, PA26*, PA25*, PA24*, PA23*, PA22*, PA21*, KW*, G83*, AB*
  • Will the dash cam cause DAB interference?

    • Thinkware cameras are some of the most shielded Dashcams on the market. Thinkware Rear cameras in very rare case can cause DAB interference, however we will work closely with you to resolve any potential problems.


  • Further Questions?
    • Please use our contact form if you have any questions about installations or to check if your vehicle is valid. This can be found here.